Setting up your Ordermate connection in Mobi2Go

Step One - Connecting your Ordermate POS

Go to your Store Settings Page. Click the Edit button next to the Incoming Orders header.

Now select Ordermate from the drop down.

Now you will be presented with a list of settings to fill-out.

Add your External IP Address to the URL field and the Port that Ordermate is running on to the Port field.

Add the Username & Password to their related fields.

Click Save.

You will notice that the Price Level Name and Profile ID have changed to dropdowns.

Select the appropriate Price Level Name & Profile ID.

The Delivery, Discount, Surcharge & Tip PLU and Size PLU fields these will need to be setup in OrderMate as products and the details added to the settings. Note: These settings are only needed if you are doing delivery, discounts, surcharges or tips.

Click Save.

Importing your menu

Importing your menu from Ordermate is a simple process.

1) Go to the Menu page in the Mobi2Go console.

2) Click on the Go to Menu Importer link.

3) Select POS System from the drop down.

4) Now select your store from the Select Location drop down.

5) Click the Import from POS button (This might take a little while).

6) Once the menu has been imported you will be redirected to the Menu Management page.

7) There will now be a menu named after the Price Level Name.

Setting the Menu for your Store

Go to your store settings page. Click the Edit button next to the General Settings header.

Now select your menu from the Menu drop down.

Click Save.

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