Configure holidays

Holidays are an important time for businesses & if your store is operating over the holiday period, you will need to set up store closures and/or surcharges in MOBI to cover the extra costs that will be incurred.


Store hours are set at a Store level, not at a Head Office level (unless you are a single-store Head Office.) If you are at a Head Office level, please ensure your stores are all aware of the changes required for holidays.


Finding Holiday Settings

Classic Admin

  1. From your Store Overview, navigate to SETTINGS
  2. Scroll down the settings page to Holidays
  3. Click the EDIT button and you will be taken to the Holiday settings page

MOBI Configure Holidays - Settings page - Classic.png


Enhanced Admin [NEW]

  1. From your store overview, click on Settings which will reveal a dropdown of options
  2. Click on Holidays and you will be taken to the Holiday settings page

MOBI Configure Holidays - Settings page - Enhanced.png


Setting a Surcharge for your MOBI Storefront

  1. Once you have navigated to the Holiday Settings page, click ➕ ADD
  2. Click Add Surcharge
  3. Select the date that you would like the surcharge to be applied to
  4. Under Surcharge, click in the field to enter a value, click SAVE

*Stores cannot have both a surcharge and holiday hours set for the same day. If you'd like different hours for this day, you'll need to set them in the standard Opening Hours settings page.

*Please note that Holiday Surcharges set in this setting will not appear on any third-party delivery sites you have integrated through MOBI.

MOBI Configure Hours - Add surcharge.png



Setting a Holiday Closure or change of hours for MOBI storefront, Uber Eats & DoorDash 

Holiday hours changed in MOBI will automatically push to integrated Uber Eats and DoorDash stores.

  1. Once you have navigated to the Holiday Settings page, click ➕ ADD
  2. Using the calendar, select the date you are wanting to adjust
  3. Click Store is Closed or Adjust Opening Hours
  4. For adjusted hours, set the opening & closing dates in the field by entering a value, and ensure to click the AM or PM next to the time, to set the correct 12-hour time
  5. Click SAVE

* Please note that for DoorDash, only one time period can be applied per holiday. For example, if your store will be open from 12pm-2pm then 5pm-10pm on a holiday, you must use the standard holiday hours to apply this.

MOBI Configure Hours - Store Closure.png

MOBI Configure Hours - Adjust store hours.png


Setting Holiday Hours for your Skip the Dishes store

Holiday hours (Future hours) must be configured by Skip the Dishes for your store. Please reach out to your Skip the Dishes Account Manager or Support team to apply any future hours in advance.


Key Points

  • When adding a new hours override, the default hours shown are not the existing opening hours the location already has for that day
  • Overrides here apply to all opening hours types: pickup, delivery, and eat-in
  • Hours overrides support spillover to the next day just like opening hours do; if a store wishes to stay open until 2am the night of a holiday, they may do so
  • Opening hours overrides for a given day do not affect hours spillover from the previous day. So in the example above, if the store were usually open until 2:00am the night of the 23rd, the override in the screenshot above would not stop that from happening as usual. If a store wishes to close earlier the previous day, they need to add an additional override for that day as well
  • The storefront adjusts available time slots to match the hours override, but does not automatically give an indication that hours are different on a given day; it is up to the store to communicate their adjusted hours to customers as they see fit.
  • Currently the holiday hours and surcharge can't be applied for the same day. For this to happen, you'll need to manually change the store hours for the day you require holiday hours and a surcharge applied.


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