How to: Setup voucher codes

The Mobi2Go voucher code system is very flexible and can accomodate a range of voucher types (e.g discounts can be applied as a fixed figure or a percentage).

Email with the subject link “Voucher Request” with the following information:


  • Requester
  • Number of allowed redemptions
  • Percentage / Dollar Value of discount
  • Expiry Date
  • Code(s) to use
  • Optional: Product / category requirement (eg. "order must have 'this product' to apply the discount" or "order must have 3 products from Drinks added to apply the discount")
  • Optional: Valid Stores (Vouchers can be shared across all stores or only one, if you'd like). By default, vouchers will apply to all of your stores.


Voucher Examples




**Please, note our current discount console has some limitations, so we are unable to fulfil requests as below:

  1. Voucher codes based on user  - we are unable to create one-off / single-use voucher code based on the people who placed the order (email / user specific)
  2. Voucher codes based on the order method (i.e. codes cannot be restricted to mobile only, web only, or app only). However, the code could be restricted to the order method i.e. Pick-Up or Delivery.
  3. Voucher codes based on the time of the day (we can restrict codes to a certain day of the week but not the time of the day ie, the code can apply for Tuesday only but not for 10 am-12 pm any day), 
  4. Discounting a modifier (e.g. 10% off ‘extra patty’ or large pizzas only, if the size configured as a size modifier)

If you are looking to create the campaign with one of the above options, please email support@mobi2go to discuss further.

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