Setting Up WizBang with Mobi2Go

1) In the Mobi2Go Console go to Settings for your store.

2) Now edit your Incoming orders settings by clicking the edit button.

3) Now select Wizbang from the drop down.

4) There will be a list of settings on the page that will need to be filled out.

5) Click Save.

Importing your Menu

1) Go to the Menu page in the Mobi2Go console.

2) Click on the Go to Menu Importer link.

3) Select POS System from the drop down.

4) Click the Import From POS button (This may take awhile).

5) Once the Import is finished you will see a list of Menus, Categories, Modifier Groups, Products & Modifiers.

6) Click the Import button at the bottom of the page (This may take awhile).

7) Once the menu is imported you will get a message like the following.

This will create a menu called Wizbang.

Setting the Menu for your Store

1) Go to your Store Settings page.

2) Edit the General Settings.

3) Select the correct menu from the Menu drop down.

4) Click Save.


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