WizBang Onetap

WizBang Onetap is hospitality point of sale, stock control, customer loyalty, reporting & integrated software using smart technology for restaurants, cafes & bars.

Mobi2Go integrates directly to your WizBang Onetap POS system. That means, orders will be automatically sent to your POS, registered for reporting purposes & automatically print using your existing in-store POS printer.



POS dispatchers like WizBang Onetap are setup at a Store level, not via a Head Office level. If you are at a Head Office level, please contact the Store location or feel free to contact our Support team for more information.


To ensure you have completed your WizBang Onetap integration into Mobi2Go, check out these resources:

  • Import your Menu from Wizbang - once you have setup WizBang in Mobi2Go you can bring your menu across
  • WizBang Connection details - the connection details from WizBang required for the Mobi2Go integration to work
  • Set up Wizbang in Mobi2Go - refer to the article below to get started with WizBang in Mobi2Go

Set up WizBang in Mobi2Go

  1. Log into your Mobi2Go store account
  2. From the Store Dashboard click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  3. On the Settings page scroll down & locate Receiving orders
  4. Next to Receiving orders, click EDIT
  5. In Receiving Orders, under How do you want to receive orders? click on the drop-down menu & select WizBang Onetap
  6. Under Connection Details a list of settings will appear that will need to be filled out
  7. Add in the details from WizBang POS including the IP/DNS Address, Port, Delivery PLU, Discount PLU, Discount (Modifier) PLU, Surcharge PLU, Tip PLU & Online Tender ID
  8. Once all of the details have been added, click SAVE to submit your changes
  9. Alternatively, click CANCEL to disregard any changes made


Please contact your IT/network administrator or WizBang Contact to find the external IP/DNS address for the POS terminal, to enable Port forwarding on the router & for the Port to be Open. For more information, please refer to our article on Connection details required for Wizbang. 

WizBang Setup Tips

  • WiKOS software must be installed on the POS for online ordering
  • Eat-In, Pick-Up & Delivery must be configured on the POS for the respective order types to go through in Mobi2Go
  • Port must be opened
  • Connection details must be correct. If any network changes are made (IP address or Port) these will need to also be updated accordingly in Mobi2Go
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