Mobi2Go integrates directly to your Idealpos POS system. That means, orders will be automatically sent to your POS, registered for reporting purposes & automatically print using your existing in-store POS printer.



POS dispatchers like Idealpos are setup at a Store level, not via a Head Office level. If you are at a Head Office level, please contact the Store location or feel free to contact our Support team for more information.


To ensure you have completed your Idealpos integration into Mobi2Go, check out these resources:

  • Import your Menu from Idealpos - once you have setup Idealpos in Mobi2Go you can bring your menu across via an export from Ideapos into Mobi2Go
  • Idealpos Connection details - the connection details from Idealpos required for the Mobi2Go integration to work
  • Set up Idealpos in Mobi2Go - refer to the article below to get started with Idealpos in Mobi2Go

Set up Idealpos in Mobi2Go

  1. Log into your Mobi2Go store account
  2. From the Store Dashboard click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  3. On the Settings page scroll down & locate Receiving orders
  4. Next to Receiving orders, click EDIT
  5. In Receiving Orders, under How do you want to receive orders? click on the drop-down menu & select Idealpos (API)
  6. When you select Idealpos (API), there are no further settings that will need to be filled out. The Idealpos integration uses the Mobi2Go Web API to poll for new orders
  7. Click SAVE to save your changes


If you need to, please contact your Idealpos provider/reseller or IT administrator who should be able to provide further assistance in setting up Idealpos. For more information on our integration, please refer to our article on Connection details required for Idealpos. 

Idealpos Setup Tips

  • WebIT App must be installed on the POS for online ordering
  • There are no settings to configure for an Idealpos setup. Idealpos just needs to be selected in the store's Receiving Orders settings page
  • Menu importing via the API is not supported. A manual export from Idealpos & then an import via CSV into Mobi2Go must be completed.


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