Set up your MOBI Printer

MOBI  is literally your all-in-one solution for getting your digital feet up & running all over the internet. Along with a website, we also offer a payment gateway (MOBI Payments), a non-integrated POS (Orders for Windows) and/or a printer... MOBI Printer.

If you do not currently have an existing printing solution, we offer the the ability for a company/store to purchase one (or several if you have multiple locations) of our MOBI Printers to get up & running.

The MOBI Printer solution is a combination of CITAQ V8 hardware running on MOBI Android Printer software which integrates with the Web API to print orders in-store.


Getting Started 

Turn on your MOBI Printer

The switch is located at the back of the printer; ensure this turned to the ON position.

Pro Tip

Check that the printer is plugged into both the back of the printer & into the wall socket.

Connect to the Internet
  • Access the WiFi settings by tapping the icon at the top-right of the screen or connect the printer to the internet with an Ethernet cable.

  • Once connected, the device will attempt to check for Updates. If an update is available it will automatically begin to download.

Log In (Only applies to non-preauthorised printers)

Use your MOBI admin account details to log in or enter an API key associated with your account or store (store should always be used where possible.)

Sign in with an API key or your MOBI admin email and its corresponding password.


If you have logged in previously, the email and password fields should be filled automatically.

Start Taking Orders

Your MOBI Printer will now automatically print orders that your customers make on your website or mobile app.

The Printer Console

The Printer Console allows you set wait times for orders and to view some basic statistics on sales for the current day. Error information is displayed in the lower portion of the console.



Q: What sort of paper does the MOBI Printer use?

A: The printer uses Thermal 21084 paper, available from any good printing solutions outlet.

Q: How do I access the Printer settings?

A: Click on the Options menu located on the top right hand corner of the screen. Here you will find options for setting the volume, managing wifi connection, changing store location (if applicable) and adjusting the volume of receipts printed. 

Q: How do I connect to a different wifi network?

A: Navigate to the printer settings (Options) as mentioned above. Tap on the WiFi settings option to select it. This will bring up a dialog allowing you to select a new WiFi network and enter the password. 

Q: Can I print more than one copy of the order?

A: To print more than one order receipt you need to access the Options menu. Once here, tap on Device settings. From within the Device settings, select the entry marked ‘printing 1 copy per order’ (the text may be different if you have previously set a copy amount). A dialog will appear allowing you to choose the number of copies to print (Maximum of 5). Select the number of copies you would like to print. Press the OK button. Press the Back arrow in the top left hand corner to exit the settings screen. 

Q: Why does my printer keep saying it is offline?

A: This means that Mobi2Go is having trouble connecting to your printer. Please ensure you are using a reliable internet connection. If you are still having difficulties, you may need to talk to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about improving your network. 

If you are using WiFi connection, you can improve the reliability by connecting the printer directly to the modem/router via an Ethernet cable. 

Please ensure the printer has not been switched Off. If the printer is On, please check that you are correctly logged on. 

Q: How do I log in with my Mobi2Go API key?

A: Below the login entry is a text button titled ‘Have an API key?’. Tap this button to produce a view that accepts a Mobi2Go API key. Enter your Mobi2Go API key and press the Login button. Don’t know your API key? Log into your store on the Mobi2Go website and navigate to the Settings page. Scroll to the bottom of the page. The API Key for your store should be located just above the Administration Settings section. 

Q: My printer won’t stop beeping, help!?

A: The printer beeps if it is either out of paper or the lid has not been closed properly. Check that you have not run out of paper and that the lid is fully clasped. 

Q: Am I on the latest version of software?

A: To check your version you need to access the Options menu and navigate to Device Settings. Updates should be made automatically. If not, you will need to restart the printer by switching it off and then on again. To trigger the update manually, from within the device settings, select the entry marked ‘check for updates’. If there is an update available it will automatically download and prompt you to install.  

Q: Why are orders being confirmed but not printing?

A: This can be caused by 3 events:

  1. The printer paper is not inserted correctly. You might need to turn the paper around so the paper feeds from the top
  2. The store has not been set to receive orders to the Printer. This can be checked by logging into your store on the Mobi2Go website. In the Settings page, scroll down to the Receiving Orders section. Click on Edit and ensure your store has been set to receive orders via the Mobi2Go Printer
  3. Orders can be set to print immediately or scheduled to print before they are due. For example, if your store has a 15 minute wait time and an order for 4:00PM is placed at 10:00AM that morning, the order will print at 3:45PM if orders have been scheduled to print before they are due.

Q: Can I view my stores orders on the printer?

A:  Not currently. This is something that is currently in our development pipeline. In the meantime, if you need to view Sales info for your store, you can find out more info here.

Q: I am on v23 of the Mobi2Go Printer software and my connection keeps dropping in and out. Help!

A: Good news; if you jump over to this article, this will take you through how to resolve.

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