Enabling Deliveries for your Store

Setting up Delivery

Once you have logged into the Mobi2Go Console, please follow the steps below to enable the delivery option for your store.*

1) Set Delivery Hours - Navigate to the settings page and click on the edit opening hours button. Set your delivery hours and ensure the delivery checkbox has been ticked.

2) Add Delivery Suburbs - In the settings page, scroll down to delivery settings and click the edit button. Add the suburbs you offer delivery to and any default fees if applicable.

3) Add Delivery Minimum / Fees - Add the minimum amount required for delivery and and delivery fees associated. For example, if the order minimum for delivery is $75, the delivery fee is $15 and orders over $100 receive free delivery, the delivery minimum and feed should be set up as follows:

MIN 1 = $75, Fee 1 = $15

MIN 2 = $100, Fee 2 = $0

4) Update Delivery Wait Time - Navigate back to your store overview page and update the delivery wait time.


We're Here to Help!

Alternatively, please feel free to email support@mobi2go.com with the subject line “Delivery Areas” with the following information and we will set it up for you:


1) Delivery Hours e.g. Monday to Friday, 2pm to 10pm

2) Delivery Wait Time e.g. 45 minutes

3) Delivery Suburbs e.g. CBD, Ponsonby, Avondale, etc

4) Delivery Fees e.g. $10 for delivery

5) Delivery Minimum e.g. Minimum $20 order for delivery



*Please also note:

- Default fees can be added to each Suburb if necessary.

- Deliveries can also be set up to provide free delivery once a certain amount is reached.

- Some POS Systems may require delivery to be set up on the POS by your provider or reseller.

- Delivery is only available on the Large Plan. You may need to consult with your Account Executive to confirm if you are on the correct plan.

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