Setup delivery (zones)

To setup your delivery zones for your store, proceed to the settings page and click the edit button on delivery settings. Find the prompt at the top of the page and click the link to setup your delivery zones.





1. Creating a new zone

Click on  then the desired location on the mapping area. Drag the points on the shape you have created to set your mapping zone area.

You can view your established zone on the right-hand column. From here assign your store zone's name, minimum order amount and delivery fee.


2. Edit an existing zone

Click on the mapped area then click on from here you can edit your saved delivery zones. You can drag the points to rearrange the delivery zone area. Once you have configured your zone areas correctly click save.


3. Deleting a zone

Click on the zone you would like to remove then click on   To verify your updates click


4. Adding multiple fee levels


Click the Edit button then click Add Fee Level. 


Click save once the changes have been updated.


 *Overlapping delivery zone areas will take the delivery amount from the first delivery zone

**Customers who are outside of the delivery zone when placing an order will not be able to validate their address.





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