Managing the status of your store

Depending on whether you are just getting set up, going through some on-site renovations, or have completed testing and are ready to go live, you may need to update the status of your store. This article explains each of the three status types:



Sometimes you may have an emergency or a day where you are not taking online orders from your store. Mobi2Go allows you to easily deactivate your store for online ordering:



 You can also leave a message to let your customers know what's going on e.g. "Internet is down at the store, please call to order"



Setting up a store in the background and don't want your customers to see it just yet? Keep it hidden and your customers won't even know it's there until you make it inactive /active.



When you have completed testing, finalized your settings and are ready to start processing REAL orders from your customers, switch your status to active and your customers will be able to select your store as a location for placing their order. 




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