Theme & Layout Settings

Customising your Website is easier than ever in Mobi2Go. The different variations available in Theme & Layout Settings allow you to customise your layout, add your logo and brand colours, & get up & running quickly.


Website settings (eg. Theme & Layout) can only be set up at a Head Office level. If you are a store/franchise, you will need to contact your Company Administrator or ask our Support team.


Theme & Layout Overview


Mobi2Go has predefined themes. These include the following:

  • Dixon (light)
  • Dixon (dark)
  • Ghuznee (light)
  • Ghuznee (dark)
  • Generic
  • Gradients
  • Bare

Pro Tip

Play around & test each theme to see which predefined theme may suit your brand, even as a foundation.

Menu Layout

The Menu Layout allows you to set how you would like your menu to look. There are three layout options:

  1. Three columns with the menu on the left hand side
  2. The menu at the top of the product column
  3. No menu with all categories showing on the main product area

Product Layout

The Product display layout option allows you to set how you would like the products displayed on your store. There are three options.

  1. Full column width
  2. Two column grid
  3. Four column grid


Select an image from the repository of already uploaded images, or you can upload a new image, to set as the logo for your website. You can also assign the width and height of your logo.


To learn more about uploading & managing Website Images, click here

Background image

This is the image that will show in the background of of your Mobi2Go website.


To learn more about uploading & managing Website Images, click here

Product images

With the Product images setting you can have a site-wide option to enable if you would like your products to display images.


We recommend that if Enabled, that you have an image for all products & modifiers, not just some as this can bring the overall look of the website down.


In Colour, you can edit the overall colour settings for your website.

  • Background - This will set the overall background colour for your website. You can also set it to transparent by adjusting the slider bar to the left.
  • Text - This is the colour of the text on your store
  • Button - This will set the colour of the buttons on your store
  • Button text - This will set the colour of the text on your store buttons


Edit your Theme & Layout

  1. From the Mobi2Go Admin portal locate WEBSITE in the grey navigational pane
  2. Click on WEBSITE to access Website
  3. In Website, locate Theme and layout
  4. Next to Theme and layout, click EDIT
  5. Edit your theme, changes colours etc. as you need
  6. To see a live preview of the changes, click SAVE 
  7. The changes made will display in the preview pane, above the Theme & Layout settings
  8. Otherwise to cancel any changes made, click CANCEL to go back to the previous screen

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