Schedule orders

There are two options for printing your online orders:

Scheduled Orders:

Mobi2Go can schedule orders and send them to your preferred method of receiving orders (printer, POS, email etc. etc.) only when the order is due to be made. For example, if your wait time is 20 minutes and your opening hours are from 10:00AM - 5:00PM, placing an order at 7:00AM for 3:00PM won't print in store until 20 minutes before the order is due (i.e. 2:40PM).

Immediate Orders:

Orders set to print immediately will print as soon as the order is confirmed. In the example above, the order would print at at 7:00AM when the order is confirmed.


To schedule your Mobi2Go orders you can take the following steps:


  1. Navigate to the settings page
  2. Search for Incoming Orders > Scheduling then click 


Here you can set your store scheduling to Printer orders immediately or Hold orders until scheduled. Once you have selected a setting click the save button.

Our recommended option is to hold the orders back — we advise that you leave this set, and only change after consulting a Mobi2Go representative as results can vary depending on the POS used.

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