Scheduling orders

Options are the power or right to choose - also known as freedom of choice. In Mobi2Go, we provide plenty of freedom of choice in how you configure your store to ensure your staff & you are comfortable using the platform & how it integrates with your POS.

With Scheduling in Mobi2Go, there are two options to choose from, when deciding when you would like your online orders to print in-store; Scheduled Orders or Immediate Orders. 



Receiving Order settings e.g. Scheduling is controlled at a Store level, not a Head Office level. If you need to change this, please co-ordinate with the store or contact our Support team.


Scheduled Orders

Mobi2Go can schedule orders and send them to your preferred method of receiving orders (printer, POS, email etc.) only when the order is due to be made.

For example: If your wait time is 20 minutes and your opening hours are from 10:00AM - 5:00PM, placing an order at 7:00AM for 3:00PM pickup won't print in store until 20 minutes before the order is due (i.e. 2:40PM).

  • One of the main advantages is that no matter what time the order comes through, if it's not due for another 6 hours (for example), the kitchen won't need to worry until service time
  • One of the disadvantages is that if Dynamic Wait Times are also used this could cause issues as the order will be dispatched at the expected time less the wait time, so the store may not have enough warning regarding making the order.

Immediate Orders

Orders set to print immediately will print as soon as the order is confirmed (successful.)

For example: If your wait time is 20 minutes and your opening hours are from 10:00AM - 5:00PM, placing an order at 7:00AM for 3:00PM, the order would print at at 7:00AM when the order is confirmed.

  • One of the main advantages is that you can prepare ahead of time, so when other orders come in during service, you have already organised those earlier orders
  • One disadvantage is that if the order prints before the expected time, it can get lost or left behind


How to configure orders

To schedule your orders or to change your Scheduling settings, you can take the following steps:

  1. In Mobi2Go, from the store Dashboard click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  2. From the Settings page, locate Receiving Orders
  3. Under Receiving Orders, locate the 3rd option down - Scheduling
  4. To the right of Scheduling, click Change
  5. This will take you to the Order Settings page
  6. From the drop-down box under Order Mode, select the applicable option - Print orders immediately or Hold orders until scheduled
  7. Once you have made your selection, click SAVE to submit your changes
  8. Alternatively, click CANCEL to disregard any changes made


Pro Tip

Mobi2Go recommends setting the option to Hold the orders back. This is the default & we advise that you leave this set as is & only change after consulting a Mobi2Go representative as results can vary depending on the POS used.

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