Update Head Office or Store settings

One of the main areas in Mobi2Go where you will spend the most time customising how your store looks and operates, will be the Head Office Settings page or, for individual stores, the Store Settings page. 

If your Settings aren't updated correctly, this can impact your customer's ordering experience & your brand. Even if you think all of your Settings are up to date, it doesn't hurt to give it a once over to ensure your brand is represented in the best possible way.


Head Office Settings

From the Head Office Settings page you can update general details regarding your Head Office/Company including Head Office name, sign-up email address, currency, timezone, tax details, website settings, user management, policy management as well as link your Social Media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).

  • To edit/update your Head Office Settings, click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  • On the Settings page click EDIT next to the section you require to edit 
  • In the specific Settings area, make your desired changes and remember to SAVE the changes before leaving the page


You will need to select the correct Tax settings (country or state) to ensure the orders are correct.

Store Settings

Similar to the Head Office Settings page, from the Store Settings page you can update general information including the store name, physical address, the assigned/active menu, timezone, tax type, store opening hours, POS/dispatcher settings, payment gateway settings, user management as well as access to update your Billing details.

  • To edit/update your Store Settings, click on the store location & click on SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  • Locate the section that requires updating (e.g. Receiving Orders) and click EDIT
  • In the specific SETTINGS area, make your desired changes and remember to SAVE the changes before leaving the page

Pro Tip

If you are new & would like an overview of your store Settings, feel free to take our tour.

⚡ Heads up before you click the eject seat button - you need to be signed into Mobi2Go first.

Settings Product Tour

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