Configure store hours

Store Hours (or Opening Hours) can be set & aligned in MOBI to the requirements of your business & can be updated at any time. 


Store Hours are set at an individual store level, not Head Office level. For single-store businesses, you will have visibility of both Head Office & Store level operations.


Store Hours can be divided into 3 groups by the order type/method:

  • Pick Up - the default method for online ordering
  • Delivery - delivery needs to be enabled if you're using a 3rd party delivery service
  • Eat (Dine) In - eat in opening hours for Table ordering

You can have 3 different ordering methods and set different opening hours for all 3.


If the boxes are not flagged, you will not be able to set times. By default, Delivery Eat In are disabled.

Pro Tip

MOBI also has the ability to have split Opening Hours if you are open for lunch, close & then re-open for dinner service.


Store Hours Overview

  1. To access Store Hours, click Settings from the navigation pane
  2. In the Settings page, next to Opening Hours click Edit 
  3. Welcome to the Store Hours page
  4. From the Store Hours page you will see the active days of trade & methods of ordering available. (Active days will be shown via the ticked check boxes next to the day of the week.)


Update Store Hours 

To change the Store Hours for your business, identify the day of week or time that you would like to change.

  1. Update the value eg. change 9 to 10, AM to PM etc.
  2. Once the changes have been made, click Save to submit your changes
  3. If you do not click Save, your changes will be lost if you refresh or move off the page i.e. Go back
  4. After saving you will be presented with a success banner and a Summary of Hours pop-up, outlining your new Store Hours


These hours will also be visible on your website, so make sure they are correct!

🎪 Fun Fact: The icons (what looks like 2 pieces of paper) with DeliveryPick UpPick Up & Delivery text when clicked, will allow you to copy the changes to hours from the corresponding column, to the column where you are clicking.

For Example: If you change the times for Pick Up & need to update Delivery times, click Pick Up (with the icons) & it will copy the changes from Pick Up to Delivery.


Accept Orders Up to Close 

At the top of Store Hours you will notice an Accept orders up to closing option. This flag allows you to set some guidelines around how soon before closing time that you want to take orders.

  • If you unflag (disabled) this option, the last expected time for an order will be when the store closes.

For example: If a store closes at 5pm, the last order can be expected at 5pm. If the Wait Time is set to 15min & the store, the order will need to be placed by 4:45pm at the latest.

  • If this option is flagged (enabled) then the last expected time for an order will be when the store closes plus the wait time set.

For example: If a store closes at 5pm & there is a Wait Time of 15min, customers can order at 5pm and expect their order to be ready at 5:15pm.

Pro Tip

To customise your hours or set your store as Closed on a specific day, you can learn how to set Holiday Hours here. 


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