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While we can't time travel (yet) in Mobi2Go we have enabled the ability for you to control time. By being able to set and change Wait Times (also known as Preparation Time or Pickup Wait Time) in real-time, this allows the store to control the flow of orders.


So what is Wait time? 

๐Ÿ• Wait time is what it takes (on average) to prepare an order. This is the time between when a customer places their order & the soonest time the restaurant can prepare it.

Example Scenario:

If your Pickup Wait time is 15 minutes and the current time is 1:00pm, if the customer orders now then it should take 15 minutes to make & the customer will be able to collect their order at 1:15pm.


Wait times are controlled at a Store level, so at peak times or if a store recognises they're struggling to keep up with demand (a good problem to have) then a store can dynamically drop the wait time back, giving the kitchen and staff some breathing room. Wait times cannot be adjusted at Head Office level.

Pro Tip

In some cases, stores may want to offer longer Wait times when certain products take longer to prepare, or to deal with orders that are larger than usual (eg. catering orders.)

In this instance, we would recommend using Dynamic Menu tags.

Update Store Wait times 

  1. Login to Mobi2Go and access the Store Overview page
  2. Under Wait times, select the appropriate time from the drop-down box eg. 15 minutes
  3. After selecting the time, this will automatically apply the time to the website (and app)



Scenario: There's a 30+ minute difference between what the website says & what my Wait time is! Aarrgh!

โšก Answer: Good news. This can be related to your Timezone settings.

  • To correct this, navigate to the admin section of your store by clicking on Settings
  • In the Settings page, go to Store Settings & click Edit 
  • On the General Settings page, scroll down to Regional settings
  • Check that the Timezone set is correct
  • If not, click the drop-down box & find the correct timezone
  • After updating the timezone, scroll to the bottom & click Save


If this does not resolve your issue, please contact our Support team & we'll look into your issue further.
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