Accept orders through Order with Google

MOBI has collaborated with Order with Google to make it easier to order food through Google Search and Maps.

Buttons placed prominently on your profile will link users directly to your MOBI storefront, meaning customers can find and order from your restaurant in fewer steps than before.

The Order with Google integration is an add-on feature that links up to your Business Profile. Orders will be dispatched as regular MOBI online orders, and MOBI will not charge any additional fees for this service, your existing MOBI online ordering fees apply.

See below for examples of what the links look like (see "Order Pickup", "Order Delivery").

Multiple Providers - Redirect pickup.pngOn Maps - Single Restaurant (2).png   

Please note that the design of Order with Google is not controlled by MOBI, and may change over time. It may also differ slightly depending on whether the search shows a single restaurant or a chain, the region the restaurant is in, whether they offer pickup and/or delivery, and the device you're using. 


How does it work?

MOBI will automatically enable the online ordering functionality for you. All you need is a Business Profile on Google with a name and address that matches your account name within our system. If your Business Profile is not set up yet, sign up here.

Managing your settings

A few settings may need to be adjusted on your profile to ensure the Order Online button shows. 

    1. In the “Food Ordering” section of your profile, ensure Accept Orders is set to ON.

    2. Ensure “Business Category” in the profile settings has Restaurant (it can also include others such as Sports Bar if relevant, but Restaurant is required)

    3. In some cases, you may have manually configured a URL to link to the website. This should no longer be needed.

    4. We recommend setting MOBI as the Preferred Provider for Pickup & Delivery. Once enabled, users may see a "preferred by business" badge on the storefront search result, which may increase the likelihood that users will place direct orders on your storefront. 

If you do not wish to have this feature, you may contact MOBI using this form, or you can use your Business Profile dashboard to manually remove the “Order Online” button from your profile.



What should my customers expect when they’re ordering on Google?
Once a diner clicks your pickup or delivery button, they have the option to be redirected to your website to complete the order in just a few clicks.

What are the differences between this integration and my Business Profile on Google?
A Business Profile on Google is a way for a business to show up on Google Search and Maps and interact with customers online. A restaurant can showcase all key details such as business hours, contact information, and services offered.

The Order with Google integration is an add-on feature that links up to your Business Profile and allows customers to be redirected to your website by clicking a blue “Order Online” button placed prominently on your profile. This will take customers to your MOBI storefront. 

These products work together to help you reach new customers for online orders.

My listing shows multiple providers after the order button is clicked. Can I make changes to these settings?
Yes, to make updates & changes to your provider settings, you can follow the instructions outlined in Google’s Help Center Article here.

In addition, Restaurants can set preferred providers for pickup and/or delivery directly from their Business Profile in the “Food Ordering” tab in the left hand menu (details here). Once enabled, users who order food from your restaurant on Google Search and Maps may see a "preferred by business" badge on the preferred providers selected.

How can I opt out of Order with Google?
Business owners can use their Business Profile dashboard to manually remove the “Order Online” button from their profile, see instructions here.

Alternatively, you can leave us a message here: 

What fees are associated?
MOBI will implement this service at no additional cost to the customer. Existing MOBI online ordering fees apply.


For any other questions or information, please don't hesitate to contact 

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