UberEats Middleware Integration

What is it?

MOBI's integration with Uber Eats means that restaurant staff will be able to manage much of the online ordering system for both MOBI and Uber Eats in one place. It also means that there is a POS integration, so no more manual entry of UberEats orders into the POS - UberEats orders will also go to the store’s POS, and no more collating sales reports from multiple platforms.


Benefits & Value

Order from multiple sites - With this integration, customers can order either through your brand's storefront or through Uber Eats, and all orders will be sent through to MOBI and to the POS.

Removes manual entry – You no longer need someone to manually enter orders from the Uber Eats tablet to the POS, freeing up your staff for other roles.

One place - Because orders go through MOBI and the POS, you will be able to see all sales data, control stock availability, synchronize menus, and manage opening hours in MOBI. 


The Order Flow


If you are set up for Auto-Accept (recommended):

  1. The customer places an order on Uber Eats.
  2. The order is sent directly to your POS!
  3. If MOBI is unable to send the order to the POS & cannot accept the order, it will remain visible on the Restaurant Dashboard/tablet so staff can Accept or Reject the order manually.

If you prefer to not use Auto-Accept

  1. Once an order is placed, the order will arrive on your UberEats tablet.
  2. You can choose to accept or reject the order
  3. Once accepted, the order is sent to your POS via MOBI.
  4. If you choose to cancel the order on the tablet, the order will never show in MOBI.

Menu management

Integrating your Uber Eats orders via MOBI to your POS can streamline your menu management. Depending on your POS & setup, you can push the same menu you currently use on MOBI to Uber but with different pricing using tiers/levels. Using the same menu makes managing menus easier by centralizing changes to one platform, reducing complexity and speeds up changes.


When a change needs to be pushed to Uber Eats, we simply do a menu upload, and the following information can be updated. This will need to be done whenever there has been a manual change to the menu, or if there is a change to menu availability.


Sent to Uber Eats with a menu upload:

  • Product mapping
  • Product name
  • Prices
  • Modifier
  • Modifiers
  • Images
  • Descriptions
  • Availabilities of the menu (≠ opening times of the restaurant)
  • Product tags

If you perform any of the following actions, a menu upload is automatically triggered to update the Uber Eats storefront:

  • Change in stock of a product or modifier
  • Update to the store hours
  • Menu Sync is triggered

Order management

Information sent to MOBI with orders
*note: It is dependent on the POS as to which information is sent and printed

  • Order details
  • Driver Pick-up time
  • Order notes
  • Customer info


Holiday Hours

Holiday hours configured for your MOBI storefront now reflect on Uber Eats too. Configure holiday hours and closures in your MOBI store settings. 


Sales Reporting

  • Filter for Uber Eats in the MOBI Sales and Analytics pages to understand the performance of your third-party delivery
  • Depending on POS, MOBI can send identifiers for all UberEats orders to ensure your POS reporting is accurate and up to date
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