Product Update: Storefront Desktop V4

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You've already seen the power of V4 for mobile with a higher conversion rate, a better guest experience, improved accessibility and design improvements. Now, we're releasing V4 for desktop to customers who use MOBI hosted one pagers. This means all guests who purchase food from you will now have the great new experience through V4 storefronts, regardless of what device they are using.


MOBI Storefront V4: built with your success in mind.


What's new

  • Improved marketing opportunities with our new header carousel and the addition of unique storefront URLs
  • A more personalised guest experience with product suggestions and popularity based upsell
  • Quick and easy guest checkout with the introduction of Apple, Google and Facebook single sign on
  • The introduction of a vertical menu layout for a more simplified guest view
  • Dietary and popular tags so guests with dietary needs or preferences can find exactly what they’re looking for
  • Anonymous checkout let your guests breeze through placing their orders - all they need is a phone number for pickup, or a phone number and delivery address for delivery orders.
  • Additional screen real estate and simplified navigation on desktop offer users an enhanced, clutter-free browsing experience, making it easier to explore and order their favorite dishes.

Getting started

We will be staggering the roll out and I will be in contact again soon with your go live date. As always, you can access further any information in our support notes and our team is here to help. Feel free to send any questions or feedback to myself or



The MOBI team


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