Export products sold to a .csv report

This report will give you insights about products (including modifiers) that have been sold online through your Mobi2Go platform.


To extract this report:

- Login into your Mobi2Go Admin  


- Go to the Sale page 



- Set the time range you'd like to have a report for and click the big green 'Search' button,  


- Once it has been done, you will see all online orders for your store for the chosen date range

- On the top of the sales list, you can find 'Export product sold to CSV' button


- If you click on the report link, the system will email you ( to the email you have logged with) the special link to download this report.

In the report, you'll find a summary of all products and modifiers sold through your Mobi2Go including the name of the product, PLU, unit price&quantity and the total:



if you have any questions, please email our support team at support@mobi2go.com




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