Export all customers to a .csv report

Please note: The reports in the "Sales" section of your MOBI account are generated based on expected date: the date/time the order was expected to be prepared. Reports and dashboards in the "Analytics" section of your MOBI account are generated based on order date: the date/time the order was places. This can sometimes cause minor differences in figures reported.


MOBI offers several tools to help understand your customer's behaviour and one of those is being able to see a full overview of the customers that have signed up to your online storefront.

This is known as the Customers report & it will give you some insights about the customers who have signed up & placed orders through your website, via MOBI. 



If you need to obtain all data on a customer for GDPR (Right of access by the data subject); running this report is one of the ways you can provide the data to the customer.

How to run the report 

  1. Log in into your MOBI account
  2. From the Dashboard, click Sales in the top navigation pane
  3. On the Sales page there are a number of preset filters that you can click (THIS MONTH, THIS WEEK, YESTERDAY & TODAY)
  4. Select your date filter or click on the calendar (far right-hand side) to set a specific date range & narrow the results
  5. If known, enter the Customer's Name. (The name will auto-complete if they have placed an order)
  6. For advanced search options, click ➕MORE OPTIONS which will display an extended search with Order ID, Payment Method, Method (Pickup, Delivery) and Platform
  7. Once you have filled out all the order details, click Search
  8. Results will be displayed below the search criteria under the heading of Orders
  9. If the customer name or order does not display, refine your search criteria & try again
  10. Once you are happy with the list of results displayed, you will notice at the bottom of the results list, Export all customers to CSV button will be available
  11. Click Export all customers to CSV to generate the report into a CSV (Comma-separated value) format
  12. A prompt will appear that will notify you that an email has been sent to the email address you have logged into MOBI with, with a special link to download the report.




If the email has not appeared in your Inbox, please ensure you also check your Junk mail just in case.


What does this report provide?

In the Customers report, you'll find the following details about your customers:

  • id - unique system-generated value assigned to the customer
  • email - the email address assigned to the account
  • name - name the customer has listed against the email address
  • phone number - customer's listed phone number
  • is_subscriber - if the value is 1, this means the person has subscribed to news/updates/specials. 0 means they do not want to receive any emails
  • first_address - the first delivery address that they have entered into the system (where applicable)
  • post code - the customer's postcode, used for delivery (where applicable)
  • date created - the date the customer signed up as a user on your storefront

Pro Tip

On the Sales - Search page if you hold down CMD + Shift + D (on your keyboard) for Windows users (or CMD + Shift + D for Mac users) this will pop open the ➕ More Options (Advanced Search) section where you can enter the Order ID number into the search to locate a specific order.

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