Export orders to a .csv report

This report will give you insights about online orders placed through your Mobi2Go platform.


To extract this report:

- Login into your Mobi2Go Admin  


- Go to the Sales page 



- Set the time range you'd like to have a report for and click the big green 'Search' button,  


- Once it has been done, you will see all online orders for your store for the chosen time range

- On the bottom of the sales list, you can find 'Export orders to CSV' button



- If you click on the report link, the system will email you ( to the email you have logged with) the special link to download this report.

In the report you'll find 19 columns describing the orders data such as order ID, customer name, email, postcode, IP address, the location the order was placed for, method (pick up/delivery/eat in), whether the order has been paid online or in store, payment processor, confirmed & expected dates, the voucher and discount on order if applicable, order total etc.

If you use Mobi2Go Payments as your payment gateway, the fee & net for the order also could be found here.




if you have any questions, please email our support team at support@mobi2go.com


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