Install and manage Mobi2Go Orders for Windows


Orders for Windows requires at least .NET 4.0 for setup.

If you are using Orders for Windows to receive orders (as a stand-alone solution or alongside PixelPoint), you will need to ensure Orders for Windows is setup correctly. The following article explains how to do so:


Mobi2Go Orders for Windows (Stand-alone)

  • Confirm what version your PC is running on 62 or 32 bit?
    Start → This PC → right click Properties





  • Once downloaded, click ‘Run’ and follow the installer prompts.


  • Ensure Mobi2Go Orders for Windows has been added to the ‘run on startup’ folder (the installer should take care of this).


  • Open Mobi2Go Orders for Windows. It’s best to log in using the store’s API key rather than username/password. You can find your API key on your store’s settings page.


  • Once you’ve signed-in, Orders for Windows will detect your location.


Printing orders

  • Configure and save Printing and Alert settings.


Choose the printer output type in Advanced settings


  • Click Save
  • Once the above steps have been followed, a few test orders should be sent to the store to confirm the application has been configured correctly.


Sending orders to PixelPoint

  • It’s best to have a single Windows user on your machine. However, if you need to have multiple users on your machine then please ensure you installed Orders for Windows on the same user that is running the PixelPoint EOI (let’s call this the “POS user”).


  • Orders for Windows and the PixelPoint EOI need to be configured to launch at startup (and only by the “POS user”, if you have multiple users).


  • Mobi2Go Orders for Windows needs to be configured for monitoring with the PixelPoint EOI path and station ID.



  • To test whether it’s correctly configured:
    • Close the EOI.
    • The EOI should restart and O4W should say test communication successful.


  • Once the above steps have been followed, a few test orders should be sent to the store to confirm it is working correctly.pp6.png
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