Request a refund (Mobi2Go Payments order)

To request a refund for the order paid via Mobi2Go payments you need to send a refund request to with the following information:


1. The link to the order receipt on your Sales page:

Go to Mobi2Go Admin dashboard  --> Sales:


Just set the date the order in question has been placed for:



Find the order and click on the 'receipt' icon on the very right:



Once you have clicked on the 'receipt' icon the receipt will be open on the next page. 

Copy the URL from there and send through to 


2. If you are unable to locate the order in your Mobi2Go Sales, please send the following information through so we can locate the order in the system and refund it for you:

- Customer name

- Order date

- Order total

Now, when you've got all information handy, just email it to the and state if you'd like to request a full or partial refund and we will process it for you.

Please, note, we are not able to process the refund over the phone.

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