Change store ownership

Have you recently acquired a store or restaurant that uses Mobi2Go for online ordering?


Firstly, you need to create an account to login to Mobi2Go if you do not have one already. You may need to get your Head Office or the previous owner to send you an invite to access the store. More info here. You can also find more information on logging in to Mobi2Go here.


Once you've login into your Mobi2Go Admin Dashboard, you'll need to make sure the information for the store have been updated correctly. 


There are three sections you will need to update:

1. Billing

2. Payment Gateway (If accepting online payments)

3. Store Settings (assigned menu, trading hours, confirmation email recipients, users etc.)


These settings are set at a store level so if you have access to multiple locations, you will need to click on a store first to get to the store overview page:

Head Office overview page



Location / store overview page




1. Billing

Billing can be sorted in two ways: you can pay your subscription via Direct Debit (for Australia and New Zealand only) or via Credit card (all countries).

To update the store billing details in Mobi2Go Admin → Particular store --> Settings → Billing → Edit:


Login into your Mobi2go instance and click on 'Settings' button


On the Setting page, scroll down until you see Billing section on the left-hand side of the screen and click Edit button


On the Billing page: firstly, update your billing details and click Save at the bottom of the page


And then update your Direct Debit account or Credit card details and click Submit button at the bottom of the page



if you wish to change your payment method, please email your request to


Please note: Three failed attempts to process your billing subscription will result in your store being suspended and your customers could be prevented from ordering online. It is important you ensure your billing details are up-to-date and you have sufficient funds for your chosen payment method.


2. Payment Gateway

Prior to updating this section in your Mobi2Go, you might wish to contact your payment gateway provider to create your own payment gateway account and receive your personal credentials.


If you have all details handy, follow the steps below to update your payment settings in Mobi2Go:


Mobi2Go Admin → Settings → Payments settings → Edit


Login to your Mobi2Go instance, go to the Setting section, scroll down until you see Payments Settings section on the right-hand side of the screen and click Edit button



On the next page, you can update your Payment gateway details and then click Save:



Please, refer to each gateway specific support article to see how to set it up correctly.

If you are updating a Mobi2Go Payments account, you can find instructions on how to do so here.


3. Store Settings

To update your Mobi2Go settings, menu and/or schedule a walkthrough or training session, please sign up for one of our webinars here:



If you have any other questions or comments or need a hand with updating your details, please email to and we will be happy to help.

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