Send a test order

Knowing how to send test orders through your storefront is an important part of successfully managing your online ordering set up.  

You may need to send test orders for a number of reasons but the main ones will be:

Testing new items you have recently added to your menu, troubleshooting orders which have failed or simply testing the integration before going live.



How to successfully send through a test order:

1) Ensure your store status is set to active from your store overview page.  


2) Go to your store settings and ensure your POS connection is working by selecting > Receiving Orders > Edit


Once in your POS settings click > check connection.  The connection needs to be established before your orders will go through to your POS.


3) Check your store scheduling is set to "Print orders immediately" - you will find this directly below your POS connection:



4) If you have a Payment Gateway, ensure your settings allow 'cash on pick up'.  You will find your payment gateway settings under your store settings > payment settings.  

Please note; You can send through a paid order if you would like to test your Mobi2Go Payments.  Please click here to link through to our support article explaining how to do this.



5) Open up your storefront.  The easiest way to do this is by clicking on the view website button from your store overview page.

6) Create an account as if you were a customer.  If you already have one, you will just need to log in.  We suggest adding "TEST DO NOT MAKE" next to your name to ensure the order is not made at the store.  


7) Proceed to add orders to your cart.  Select > Next Step to process and confirm the order.  








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