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Testing is one way to blow stuff up. Knowing how an application, product or machine responds to certain scenarios or conditions, is key to understanding where it needs improvement or what the expected result is. This is important down the track when you're troubleshooting why it's now not behaving that way. 

Testing your storefront is no different. Knowing how to send test orders through in Mobi2Go is an important part of successfully managing your online ordering configuration & ensuring your customers receive the experience they deserve.

There may be several scenarios where you need to send test orders through, but the most common reasons are:

  • Testing new items you have recently added to your menu
  • Troubleshooting orders which have failed (Offline, Failed to Dispatch)
  • Testing the integration prior to going live


Prior to sending a Test Order

Run through these checks to ensure you are minimising any variables that may affect your ability to submit a successful order to your POS system, from your Mobi2Go storefront.

  1. Ensure your store Status is set to Active from your Store overview page
  2. Click SETTINGS in the grey navigational pane to go to your Store Settings
  3. In Settings, locate Receiving orders
  4. Receiving orders click EDIT
  5. In Receiving Orders scroll down & click CHECK CONNECTION. The connection between Mobi2Go & POS, needs to be established before your orders will go through to your POS
  6. Click SETTINGS in the grey navigational pane to go back to your Store Settings
  7. In Settings, locate Receiving orders again & under the Receiving orders heading, locate Scheduling
  8. Check your store scheduling is set to Orders will be printed immediately
  9. Scheduling orders click Change
  10. This will take you to the Order Settings page. Locate Order Mode where a drop-down box will be available
  11. Click the drop down & change from Hold orders until scheduled to Orders will be printed immediately. Click SAVE to submit your changes.

Pro Tip

If the video is blurry when maximised, please click on the cog icon & then click on 720p or 1080p to change the resolution from Auto to 720p/1080p. Give it a few seconds & the video will clear up. 

Sending a Test Order

  1. Open up your storefront. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on VIEW WEBSITE from your Store Overview page
  2. Select your store location (if applicable) from the Store Location list
  3. On the storefront, create an account as if you were a customer. If you already have an account, you will just need to log in
  4. We recommend adding "TEST DO NOT MAKE" next to your name to ensure the order is not made at the store, when the docket is printed
  5. Proceed to add products to your cart
  6. Once you have finished click Next Step to process and confirm the order
  7. A prompt will appear - select your payment method & then Submit the order
  8. The order should process successfully & a confirmation email should be sent to the email address that the account was attached to
  9. If the order was not successful, please refer to this article to troubleshoot the order.


You can send through a paid order if you would like to test your Mobi2Go Payments integration. To do this, please refer to this article. If you need a refund for your Mobi2Go Payments test, please refer here. 


Depending on your POS configuration, you may not be able to use Pay on Pickup if the POS system is coded to only accept a card payment. 

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