Troubleshoot order failures - Dispatcher Offline

Occasionally orders will fail. If an order does fail due to an offline failure, you will receive an unsuccessful order notification as below:


This message means that Mobi2Go was unable to establish a connection to the method chosen for your store to receive orders (e.g. POS integration, Mobi2Go Printer, Email etc. etc.).

The order has NOT BEEN PAID for and your customer was notified that the order was unsuccessful:



They were also prompted to contact the store directly:



There are a few troubleshooting steps which can be done on your side before you reach out to


1. Check if your store integration connection is established in your Mobi2Go Admin --> Settings --> Receiving orders --> Edit --> Check Connection


2. Some POS systems do not have a 'Check connection' button, so you would need to check your POS station PC / Mobi2Go application on your POS station. Once it is up and running again, place a test order to ensure everything is working correctly again.

3. Some POS integrations may require network information such as a Static IP address and forwarding port. You can check if your IP correct by opening the Google search field on your POS PC type in ' My IP address' and click Search. Google will return your IP address.


Once you have your static IP address, you can check your forwarding port in any online port checker like or similar to make sure your forwarding port is open:


If your forwarding port is closed, please, contact your IT services or network provider to open the port.


If you see a 'Connection established' message, but your test order(s) has failed, please contact immediately and we will be happy to help. 

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