Troubleshoot order failures - Unable to reach POS

You might receive a failed order notification informing you an order was unable to be sent to your POS:



In the example above, it is explicitly stated that the order has been refunded. If you would like to reach out to the customer and fulfil the order, please remember to charge them.


Before reaching out to Mobi2Go Support, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue yourself.


1. "There are incompatibilities between your Mobi2Go menu and your POS menu setup 
Your Mobi2Go or POS menu may have recently been changed. Ensure that each product and modifier in your Mobi2Go menu has a corresponding PLU (unique product code) in your POS menu." 


Checking for PLU mismatches:

1. Login to your Mobi2Go Dashboard and go to Menu

2. Find the product in your Mobi2Go menu and have a look at the PLU field (unique product code):


2. Find out what PLU this product has in your POS (You may be required to export your products / modifiers from the POS in order to view the PLUs).

If the PLU does not match, update the menu item to the correct PLU in the Mobi2Go Menu editor so it matches your POS. Click 'Save' and place a test order to ensure the correct code is now in place.


**Important Notes:

a) Some POS systems are price sensitive (e.g. Doshii, Kounta) so make sure the prices in Mobi2Go match your POS.

b) Some POS systems do not display a PLU so you might need to use the Mobi2Go Menu importer to see what PLU is assigned to each item.

If you are not sure about your POS functionality, you can find out more about your POS here


2. "The POS integration is misconfigured 
If the POS integration has been working previously, a recent change to your POS or Mobi2Go configuration may be the cause of the issue."

Login to your Mobi2Go Admin Dashboard --> Settings --> Receiving Orders --> Edit and check if all details here are correct. You can find out how to check IP and forwarding port here


3. "Your XXX integration may be unavailable 
This may be due to a XXX service outage or the store's internet connection may be unavailable." 

Check your POS status (on your POS website if available) and check that there are no issues with your network connection. Mobi2Go status can be checked here


If you've checked all three options and you are still having issues, please contact for further assistance. Please forward the notification email you have received in order to expedite the investigation.

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