Failed order types


If there is an issue with an order being sent from Mobi2Go to your store, you will receive a failed order notification.


There are 2 types of failed orders: 

1. Dispatcher offline:

Mobi2Go is unable to communicate with your store (likely POS is switched off or internet / network issues prevented the order from going through).

An example of an offline notification below:ini.png


What this means for you:


When your customer clicked on the 'Pay Now' button, Mobi2Go performed a background check to see if the integration with your store is online.

When this initial check failed - the system sent you a 'Store offline' notification as above.

Because this check happens prior to any payment transaction, all failed orders with this notification are UNPAID. Therefore, if you would like to fulfil any orders like this, you might wish to contact your customer directly to organize payment offline.

To learn how you can troubleshoot this issue, have a look here


2. Order failed to dispatch:

If the initial check for your store has been successful, the next steps for Mobi2Go will be to load and process payment for the order (if applicable), then send the order to your store.

If any of the steps above fail, you will receive a notification similar to the one below:



What this means for you:


In the example notification above, you see that the customer opted to pay offline and it is explicitly stated the customer "does not need a refund" so a refund is not required.

Conversely, your customer may be automatically refunded:



The message above means that your customer has been charged online, but immediately refunded as the order was unable to reach your store.

All orders, in this case, will generally be refunded automatically. If you see the notification that states NO REFUND is required, such orders can be considered as UNPAID.


You may need to issue a refund through your payment processor in which case you will need to contact them directly (E.g. PayPal, CyberSource etc.). You can learn more about the refund process here.

To learn more how to troubleshoot such issues on your side, please, have a look here.


If you have any concerns about order payment, please email with the notification email or order number so the Mobi2Go Support Team can investigate it for you.

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