How to update data on a customer

GDPR refers to this as a “data update” request.

When a customer requests that you update the data you have about them, some of that data may be held in Mobi2Go.

All customer data in Mobi2Go is under the customer’s control. The best way for them to update it is to log into their account on your restaurant’s Mobi2Go storefront, and to correct the data there.

If they’re not happy updating the data themselves then your next step is to confirm their request. You need to be sure that the customer is who they say they are and that they want this request fulfilled. The simplest way to do this is to ask them to respond to your confirmation via the email address or phone number that they have on file. Your business may have a more robust process to confirm customer requests.

Once they have confirmed, please contact with the old and new details about the customer and say that they would like their information updated.

We’ll follow up once complete.

Please note that you’ll have to ensure you fulfil the same request with all systems your business uses (eg POS, marketing, etc).

Learn more about the GDPR and your restaurant.

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