Mobi2Go’s vendors/subprocessors (GDPR)

Mobi2Go uses a number of vendors to support the delivery of our services. In respect to GDPR these vendors are known as subprocessors.

With GDPR rules & regulations coming into effect, this article will explain the identity, location, and role of each subprocessor we use.

Some subprocessors only receive information about our clients (restaurants and their staff), while other subprocessors may receive information about our clients and their customers (customers of the restaurants.)

Mobi2Go requires that any subprocessor meet the requirements and obligations under GDPR, as well as those requirements of our local authority (New Zealand.)

We have established Data Processing Agreements (DPA’s) with all of our subprocessors; this ensures your personal information is collected, stored and processed in a legal manner.



For more information on how GDPR may affect your restaurant, check out this article.

Subprocessor list

All subprocessors listed below can have access to client data. Those that only have access to customer data are noted. Many of the systems that have access to customer data will only receive customer data in certain circumstances.

For example: Customer information is not in Zendesk or Intercom by default, however a client may mention particular customer information to troubleshoot a situation.

Entity Role Customer Data Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Infrastructure ✔︎ United States
Backblaze, Inc. Backups ✔︎  United States 
Google LLC Communications, Analytics ✔︎ United States 
Intercom, Inc Support ✔︎ Ireland
Mailgun Technologies, Inc Email notifications ✔︎  United States
Raygun Limited Monitoring ✔︎  New Zealand
SendGrid, Inc. Email notifications  ✔︎  United States 
Slack Technologies, Inc. Communications ✔︎  United States 
Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. Payments  ✔︎  Ireland 
Trello, Inc. Workflow ✔︎  United States 
Twilio, Inc. SMS notifications ✔︎  United States
Zendesk, Inc. Communications ✔︎  United States 
Aircall Voice communications   France
Atlassian Pty Ltd Status notifications    Australia
AutopilotHQ, Inc. Sales   United States
ChartMogul Ltd Analytics   United Kingdom 
Heap Inc. Analytics    United States 
Hello Bar LLC Communications    United States, Inc Sales    United States 
Wootric, Inc. Surveys    United States 


Mobi2Go Partners

Mobi2Go also integrates with many partners to make it easier to manage your restaurant, for example:

  • POS systems
  • Payment gateways
  • Delivery systems
  • Loyalty and Marketing systems


In regards to GDPR, it is a restaurant’s responsibility to ensure that the systems they use alongside Mobi2Go are GDPR compliant; e.g. Your POS system and your marketing system.

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