Updating your Mobi2Go Printer

The latest Mobi2Go Printer update is version 27. It includes the following changes

  • More resilient to internet connection outages.
  • Log in once and the printer remembers you.
  • Receipts print customer name in large bold.
  • Receipts support rewards.
  • Receipts support multiple taxes.

Unfortunately the process to update to version 27 is more difficult than usual, so here's the step by step process to follow. Once on version 27 or above the updates will become easier. If in doubt, get in touch with the Mobi2Go support team.


Updating your printer from version 23


Ensuring your printer always runs the new version


If your printer is stuck on version 23

All the steps

1) Download the update

Your Mobi2Go Printer regularly checks for available update, however to force an update you can do the following:

  • Tap Options
  • Tap Device settings
  • Tap Check for updates
  • If your printer does not have an update available please get in touch with Mobi2Go support.

When an update is ready for your printer, please select update now:


Wait for the download:


Then follow the prompts to install:


Wait for the install process to complete.


2) Select v26 as your home app

Once installed please turn your printer off then on again.

On start up your printer will prompt you with a selection to select a home app. Please choose Mobi2Go Printer v27, then tap always.


3) Confirm you are now running v27

  • Tap Options
  • Tap Device settings
  • The version you are running is listed under Check for updates
  • Tap Check for updates to confirm whether there is an update available
  • If you are running an earlier version than v27, and it says you are up to date, please contact support@mobi2go.com and we'll trigger the update for you.




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