Setup Vouchers

Voucher Console


The voucher console is available at the Head Office level. If you are a franchisee, you may need to contact your HO or Mobi2Go Support for further assistance. For the rest of our clients, you can find the voucher console sitting next to the 'Sales' option in the navigation pane:




If you have clicked on the correct tab you should see a screen that looks like the following:




The list shows how many vouchers you have setup for your store, the number of times each voucher has been redeemed and the status of the voucher (e.g. 'Active', '4 days remaining', 'expired' etc.).


Creating a new voucher

Clicking the 'Create Voucher' button should bring up the following prompt:




Be sure to check you go through EACH setting for the voucher setup.


- Voucher Name

What will the voucher be called? This is what the customer will see when they enter the code at checkout (e.g. '2for1 Cheeseburgers').


- Redemption Codes / Limit

Set the redemption limit for each code if applicable




- Validity

  - Dates

Set the date the voucher will become active, and the date for expiry

  - Location / Store

Set any restrictions if the vouchers are only applicable to certain stores


  - Days

Set restrictions for vouchers if valid only on certain days (.e.g. Weekends only)


  - Order Methods

 Set restrictions for vouchers if only valid for certain order types (e.g. Free delivery)


- Discount

Discounts can be setup to discount the entire order, the delivery, or specified menu items. Discounting an entire order should be self-explanatory. In the example below, the voucher has been setup to discount the entire delivery fee but only if $40 or more is spent.


 - Discount rule / setup

The following setup shows discount rules being setup for menu items. The first example below shows the voucher requires AT LEAST 1 item from the 'Curries' category for the discount to apply. There is also an option to set modifier requirements so a voucher can be restricted to apply only if a certain modifier is selected. This works well for size modifiers (e.g. Discount only applies for Large Curries)



The discount below uses the 2 for 1 functionality. This examples entitles the user to 2 for 1 curries - the equal / cheapest item being discounted




If using the product discount functionality, there are three options 




- Fixed amount

Subtract a specified dollar amount from the order total

- Percent

Subtract a specified percentage from the order total

- Set price

Discount all applicable products to a specified price


Once you have setup your code, we strongly recommend sending a test order through to ensure it is working correctly.

If you have any issues, please feel free to send us a message - Screenshots will be helpful for any config issues.

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