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In Mobi2Go, the Voucher system is flexible & can accommodate a range of voucher types depending on your need.

Need to make a Combo deal for a certain price? No problem. Need an order with Free Delivery? Simple. Need a fixed percentage or dollar value amount off an order? Easy. As long as you know what you want to do, you can pretty much achieve it & reward your customers with handy offers to keep them coming back for more.

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The voucher console is only available at the Head Office (HO) level. If you are a franchisee, you may need to contact your HO or Mobi2Go Support for further assistance.

Vouchers Overview

If you do have access to Vouchers, you can find the voucher console sitting next to the Sales option in the navigation pane. To access the console, click VOUCHERS.


In the Vouchers module you will have visibility of all of the vouchers (ever created) for your company.

The list of vouchers will display how many vouchers you have setup for your company via the Search box.

From the list, you can also find out (and sort via columns) where:

  • The Usage column is the number of times each voucher has been redeemed
  • The Availability is the status of the voucher (e.g. 'Active', '4 days remaining', 'expired' etc.)
  • The Code(s) for each voucher, displayed under the Voucher name

Pro Tip

From the Search box, you can search by any Voucher Name or any Voucher Code.


Create a new voucher

  2. This will open a pop-up window
  3. Be sure to check you go through EACH setting for the voucher setup


Voucher Name

What will the voucher be called? Keep in mind, this is what the customer will see when they enter the code at checkout (e.g. "2 for 1 Cheeseburgers.")

But also keep in mind, if there are multiple stores within the company, the voucher should be appropriately named & if the promotion is only for a specific location, you can title the voucher as required; e.g. Melbourne Central - "2 for 1 Cheeseburgers."

Redemption Codes / Limit

From this section, we can either manually ➕ Add or Bulk Import a list of codes to be redeemed.

The code must be unique as this is the unique identifier (like a fingerprint) for the voucher code in the database.

If applicable, set the redemption limit for each code (e.g. 500 uses) & enable the flag if you would like the code to be limited to One Use per Customer Account.


These are the prerequisites that determine how the customer can meet the conditions, in order to successfully redeem the code.

  • Dates - Set the date the voucher will become active, and the date for expiry. If you need to update an expired voucher, simply update the dates.
  • Location/Store - Set any restrictions if the vouchers are only applicable to certain stores
  • Days - Set restrictions for vouchers if valid only on certain days (e.g. Weekends only)
  • Order Methods - Set restrictions for vouchers if only valid for certain order types (e.g. Free delivery)

By default, all Locations, Days & Order Methods will be enabled unless edited.

Discount Rule

Discounts can be setup to discount the entire order, the delivery, or specified menu items. Discounting an entire order is pretty straight forward.

In the example below, the voucher has been setup to discount the entire delivery fee but only when the order total is $40 or more.

The following example shows discount rules being set up for menu items, where the voucher requires at least 1 item from the 'Curries' category for the discount to apply.

There is also an option to set Modifier Requirements so a voucher can be restricted to apply only if a certain modifier is selected. This works well for size modifiers (e.g. Discount only applies for Large Curries)

The following example shows a the 2 for 1 functionality. This entitles the customer to a "2 for 1 Curry" with the equal/cheapest item being discounted first.

If using the Product Discount functionality, there are 3 options:

  • Fixed amount - Subtract a specified dollar amount from the order total (e.g. $10)
  • Percent - Subtract a specified percentage from the order total (e.g. %15)
  • Set price - Discount all applicable products to a specified price (e.g. $30)




Once you have set up your code, we strongly recommend sending a test order through to ensure it is working correctly. If you get stuck, feel free to contact our Support team.

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