Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager can be used when you would like additional or custom data sent through to GA4, or to other products such as Google Ads.

Using GA4 with Google Tag Manager

If you're wanting event and ecommerce data sent through to GA4, see these instructions for implementing that. 

Google Tag Manager is not always required for the analytics data above. We recommend implementing GA4 first, so that you can assess the data that flows through.

If you're wanting additional data, such as knowing which particular buttons people are clicking on, or you'd like to use Google Ads to check success of a marketing campaign, then you can set that up through your Google Tag Manager account. GA4 will perform the event tracking and ecommerce events, leaving GTM to be used for other tasks, such as script delivery.

However, if you don't want to implement GA4 directly, but would like to track events with the help of GTM, then GTM can be implemented.

How to enable Google Tag Manager

MOBI can ensure that Google Tag Manager is loaded on the page, you'll simple need to supply us with your Google Tag Manager ID (a string similar to 'GTM-XXXXXXX').


Please note that MOBI has no access to your GA4 or GTM accounts, and cannot provide assistance with debugging or creation of new events within your GTM container.


Contact if any assistance is required. 


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