Google Adwords

Mobi2Go can implement conversion tracking for Google Adwords.

In particular, we will generate a "purchase" call to Google Adwords when customers confirm their orders, so you'll be able to tell how many completed Mobi2Go orders have resulted from your Google Adwords marketing investment.

Specifically, when an order is confirmed, we supply Google Adwords with:

  • The value of the order (tax exclusive)
  • The order id (as "transaction id")

In order to implement this, we need:

  • Your Google Adwords AW-CONVERSION_ID (which will look similar to "AW-123456789")
  • Your AW-CONVERSION_LABEL (which will look similar to "F7DrCNWuw5UBEKj5hfIC")

Details of how to set up these values in Google Adwords can be found atΒ

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