How to Self-onboard

Check out the following articles to get started with Mobi2Go. We recommended following the below step-by-step, to ensure your store is setup correctly when you're ready to go live.

Signing in 

  • Need help signing in? Jump over here to get started
  • Get used to your surroundings by familiarising yourself with the Head Office/Store Dashboard

HO/Store Settings

Create your Menu

  • Get an Overview of the Menu Editor - where the magic happens
  • Create a new Menu to get the party started
  • Once you've created your base menu, move onto creating Categories
  • Create your Products, that you'd like to sit in the categories
  • Move onto creating your Modifiers first & then create Modifier Groups for them to sit in
  • Alternatively, you can import your Menu via POS or, without POS
  • To understand which items are linked to the menu, to categories etc. check out this article

Setup your website 




If you get stuck or you're having problems with something specific, feel free to lodge a Support ticket.

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