How to Self-onboard

Congratulations! You've taken the first step in setting yourself up for world domination of the digital world. 


I've signed up to the 30-day free trial - now what? 

On-boarding, whether you ask Mobi2Go to implement for you or whether you do it all yourself, can be broken down into segments & basically follows the same path.

🚀 Check out the following articles to get going. We recommended following the below step-by-step, to ensure your store is setup correctly when you're ready to go live.

Signing in 

  • Need help signing in? Jump over here to get started
  • Get used to your surroundings by familiarising yourself with the Head Office/Store Dashboard

HO/Store Settings

Create your Menu

  • Get an Overview of the Menu Editor - where the magic happens
  • Create a new Menu to get the party started
  • Once you've created your base menu, move onto creating Categories
  • Create your Products, that you'd like to sit in the categories
  • Move onto creating your Modifiers first & then create Modifier Groups for them to sit in
  • Alternatively, you can import your Menu via POS or, without POS
  • To understand which items are linked to the menu, to categories etc. check out this article

Setup your website 



💬 Remember: If you get stuck or you're having problems with something specific, you can lodge a support ticket here.

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