URL Query String Options

Being a business with an online presence means being able to deliver the best possible customer experience for new & existing customers. Part of that experience is ensuring the behaviour of the pages on your website are intuitive & one way to do that is by taking advantage of URL Query Strings.

A query string is the part of a uniform resource locator (URL) which assigns values to specified parameters. The query string commonly includes fields added to a base URL by a web browser or other application.

Within Mobi2Go, we have the ability of using a URL's query string which basically means we can link to specific elements or items to trigger a specific behaviour or result.

For example: If you wanted to show a list of locations on the page load, you can achieve this by appending a string query on the back of a URL.

List of available Query Strings 

Show Category on page load

?category={CATEGORY NAME}
eg. store-demo.mobi2go.com/?category=Drinks

Show Locations list on page load

eg. store-demo.mobi2go.com/?locations

Set Location on page load

?location={LOCATION NAME} or ?store={LOCATION NAME}
eg. store-demo.mobi2go.com/?location=George Street
store-demo.mobi2go.com/?store=George Street

Set method on page load

?method=delivery or ?method=pickup
eg. www.demostore.co.nz/order/?method=pickup

Set voucher code on page load

?voucher_code={VOUCHER CODE}
eg. store-demo.mobi2go.com/?voucher_code=freechips


All names (i.e. location, category etc.) are case sensitive so where a category name is written as 'Category' in Mobi2Go for example, it must also be written the same in the URL string.

Query string can be used after your embedded URL to achieve the same function eg. www.mysite.com/order/?locations

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