Using custom URL links for marketing (query strings)

You can use query strings to link customers directly to locations, products, and categories in your menu. This can be useful for marketing campaigns and for website navigation. 

List of available Query Strings 

Show Category on page load

?category={CATEGORY NAME} 



Show Locations list on page load




Set Location on page load

?location={LOCATION NAME} or ?store={LOCATION NAME}

Example: or Street


Set method on page load




Set voucher code on page load

?voucher_code={VOUCHER CODE}



Show a product on page load

?product={PRODUCT NAME}&open_product



Names are case sensitive 

All names are case sensitive so where a category name is written as 'Category' in Mobi2Go for example, it must also be written the same in the URL string.

Query string can be used after your embedded URL to achieve the same function eg.

We'd recommend you test your query string in an incognito tab, before you send it out. 

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