Welcome to Product Updates - Coming Soon!

Welcome to Mobi2Go's Product Updates section!

It's fantastic that you have taken the time to visit & we appreciate your interest. We hope that you will continue to visit our Mobi2Go Help Centre & enjoy the rest of our wholesome content while we get our Product Updates section up & running, along with other content changes. 

The News & Updates category that you're currently in, will be aimed at highlighting all the changes to the Mobi2Go platform, including links to tours & articles that will help to step you through those new features. Along with new features & fixes, we'll also add any other news on here, whether it's about platform status & incidents or whether it's news about our Help Centre - we just want to inform you as best we can.

As we speak, this category is a work in progress. But we will do our best to ensure that our knowledge base goodness is at your fingertips as soon as possible & we definitely appreciate your patience.

One good thing is that while we're in the process of updating everything Mobi2Go, we are definitely keen to hear what YOU would like to see. It can be anything, no idea or suggestion is too big or too far fetched. We want to provide the best customer experience possible & the only way for that, is via your feedback. So please feel free to send it through to our Support team. 

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