Troubleshoot failed orders

If your store or your customers are having problems placing an order online via Mobi2Go, chances are that we have seen it before and have an answer below. 

Generally, there are 3 reasons why an order in Mobi2Go will fail:

  • Connectivity - The connection between Mobi2Go & POS has been disrupted at the time of the order. This can be caused by a network issue at the store, the integration/application not responding on the POS computer (i.e. another resource taking up memory) or other reasons.
  • Menu issue - There is a mismatch between the menu item in Mobi2Go & the menu item in POS. This may be due to the product/modifier not being available, the product/modifier not being configured as a product/modifier or the PLU and/or price do not match in either system.
  • POS issue - This can be caused when there is an issue with POS whereby it may be down (for all sites) or the order (for some integrations) was not accepted when promoted at POS, when the order came through.

Depending on the issue that you have, will determine what email notification the store receives.



If your Company/Store is not receiving notifications, please check your Junk folder. Alternatively please contact our Support team & we'll be able to confirm if notifications are enabled.

Failed order Types

There are 2 types of email notifications you will receive when an order fails: 

  1. The POS integration at My Store is offline or Online ordering at My Store is offline - refer to this article
  2. Order failed to be sent to the City store - refer to this article

Additional Troubleshooting

Alternatively, you can try troubleshooting any issue by running through these checks:

  • Check your Internet connection in-store by loading another web page
  • Try testing your Connection to POS via the Mobi2Go
  • If a menu item isn't displaying, try clearing your cache and cookies
  • Is the store is offline? Check the Status of your store via the Store Dashboard
  • Try waiting a few minutes before re-connecting/refreshing the Mobi2Go order page
  • Check for updates as your POS or Payment Gateway may be affected
  • Make sure you're using a supported and updated browser

Need to Know

If you're having problems with something specific or maybe you can't find the answer anywhere after all of the above troubleshooting, you can lodge a support ticket here.

And if you find a problem or have a suggestion regarding our Help Centre, you can also provide feedback and let the us know by flagging it.

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