Stamp Cards

At Mobi2Go we understand the value of customer loyalty because we know that returning customers means a consistent revenue stream for your business. 

Which is why we've designed a Stamp Card program for your online business.



Stamp Cards are only available at a Head Office level, not at a Store level. Similar to vouchers or menus, if you need this & you're at the Store level, please contact your Company Administrator or contact our Support team.

How does it work?

Gone are the days where you pull out a cardboard Stamp Card card & hand it over to the cashier to get a hole punched or a stamp.. stamped. It's all digital, like everything else in 2019. 

We can build your Stamp Card feature using any combination of products purchased or dollars spent.

How do I get started? 

It all starts with you & your team. Have a brainstorm around these questions and get a clear idea of how you want the Stamp Card feature to work. Understand what you want to achieve & what you want it to look like, from the design to the user experience.

The Stamp Card integration will need help from our Engineering team to build & customise the solution for your business. This is to ensure that each Stamp Card we build, will be tailored to work seamlessly with your brand. 

How much does it cost? 

There may be a cost involved, depending on your current billing plan.

  • To find out if this is free - please contact our Support team & we'll provide more information. 

What do I need to provide? 

To set it up & to help our Engineering team build this for your brand, first we need a few details from you. 

  • Stamp Card Title: e.g. Get your 11th Hot Drink Free
  • Description: e.g. Buy 10 hot drinks and your next one is on us
  • Terms & Conditions: e.g. Free hot drink rewards are valid for a year
  • Rules: e.g. Hot drink = anything in the Coffee, Tea, or Hot Choc menus
  • 1 stamp earned for every 1 hot drink purchased
  • Reward earned for every 10 stamps
  • Reward is valid for 1 year
  • Reward is for 1 free hot drink, including extras; 
    • If you want to exclude extras, i.e. only the base product is free & still charge for extras.


If you're looking at maximising other loyalty ideas, consider using Vouchers. Similar to a Stamp Card, a voucher can be set up in minutes & can be redeemed by customers with a code. 

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