What to expect from Support

Scenario: You have lodged a ticket with our Mobi2Go Support team and now you've got questions about what happens next.

Well if you've got the butter, we have the bread because we have the answers to all of your delicious FAQs about Support to help give you a better idea & understanding of our Support process. Like a window, we aim to be transparent.


❓ FAQs

So... what’s next?

Now that we have received your Support request, it will be investigated by a member of our Mobi2Go Support team. Once reviewed we will be in contact as soon as possible to advise of the progress, clarify details or provide a resolution to your request.

Is there anything I can do?

To ensure your Support request is answered in a timely manner, please help us by providing as much relevant and clear detail as possible including screenshots, specific error messages, the steps/actions you took to get the point prior to lodging a Support request and anything else you feel will help.

Fantastic! Umm.. how can I do that?

To update your ticket with this information, you can do so via our nifty Customer Portal which is on our revamped Mobi2Go Help Centre.

To access this portal, you will need to sign-up to our Help Centre here for access, otherwise feel free to click Reply All via email. 

What are the advantages of signing up to the Mobi2Go Help Centre/Customer Portal?

The benefits of signing up include:

  • Submit tickets in the Mobi2Go Help Centre without being prompted to provide your email address
  • Track your past & present tickets in the Help Centre
  • Comment on articles in the Help Centre (if enabled)
  • Update your user profile & add additional contact information (e.g. email addresses & social media accounts) so that you can submit Support requests from any of these social accounts.)
Cool bananas, that's good to know. Can I do anything in the meantime?

If you're keen to get the most out of the Mobi2Go platform, our Mobi2Go Help Centre is a great place to start. We are always updating our Help Centre content & adding new articles with more improvements coming to our Help Centre in the near future.

Plus, if you have a problem there’s a very good chance that we’ll have the answer that you are seeking so please check our Help Centre first. If you do end up finding your answer, please let us know if it was helpful!

How else can we contact Support? Do you have a phone number?

Unfortunately we do not offer dedicated phone support, however you can contact Support the following ways:

  • Help Centre - via the Submit a Request form, either as a guest or as a registered user
  • Email - support@mobi2go.com is our email address
  • Chat - If you see a pop-up message on the Mobi2Go platform, we don't yet support Chat but we will forward the conversation to ticket to respond
  • Carrier Pigeon - coo coo
I couldn't find the answer AND my request is taking a while – what’s going on?!

Before contacting us in ALL CAPS, we appreciate your patience & understanding as we try to answer your request in the most accurate way possible. Sometimes we will need to liaise with other areas of Mobi2Go, or it may need to be escalated for further investigation. If we find a problem, we like to know why it occurred & get to the root cause instead of slapping a band-aid on it. This is to ensure it won’t happen again & this can unfortunately take time.

I have some feedback to give, where can I pass this along?

If you are hankering to provide some feedback, we are more than happy to take on your suggestions, ideas, comments - whatever it is, we would love to hear from you! The more feedback provided by the voice of the you, the customer - the more we can improve your experience. So really, this all benefits you in the end.


If you are unsure or confused about anything to do with Support - please let our Support team know. We here at Mobi2Go Support are always looking for ways to improve our service.

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