Menu Sync

Synchronisation is the harmonious coordination of events that produce a result. Like 2 people peddling a tandem bicycle or the sweet dance moves of a boy band... like *NSYNC. 

Menu synchronisation brings your POS & Mobi2Go together. With a single click of a button, it synchronises any changes in your POS & brings them straight into your storefront. 

By ensuring your menu is synchronised, you are increasing your order success rates by mitigating order failures due to a mismatch between the POS menu & the Mobi2Go menu.

🎪 Fun Fact: 10% of our Support tickets in the last 90 days were due to menu mismatches which could have been prevented by a quick Menu Sync. By completing a menu sync after an item update (e.g. product is unavailable in POS) you save yourself the time, frustration & having to raise a Support ticket while increasing customer satisfaction. Win.


Key Features

With Menu Sync we can:

  • Work with different PLUs and prices per store, by pickup & delivery
  • De-duplicate menus (if your store somehow has 9000 products across 4 stores, the Menu Editor can take as long as 2 minutes, just to load)
  • Deal with size based PLUs and prices
  • Save set up & maintenance time
  • Simplify the Mobi2Go Menu Editor
  • Keep complexity in the background, driven by Menu Sync


Even though the Menu is set at a Head Office level, because your POS is managed at a Store level, you have the ability to sync the menu with your POS system to ensure the items in POS, match that of what is in the Mobi2Go menu.

What is Menu Sync?

With the push of a button in Mobi2Go, it syncs your menu from POS & updates any changes into Mobi2Go. 

A summary of what happens with a Menu Sync:

  • Loads the menu from the POS for that location 
  • Compares the two menus (POS & Mobi2Go) to find any changes (it compares with the Mobi2Go Menu set in Settings)
  • Using the changes it will do the following:
    • A tag will be added to an item (product, modifier etc.) when it has been updated, that looks like: synced-at-19.08.08-12:07:07
    • If a product or modifier is removed from the POS, everything but the removed items will have been synced, and the synced-at tag will have an updated timestamp (it will not be deleted)
      • The removed item will have been ignored by the sync & will have not changed; the timestamp of the deleted POS item will not be updated
    • New products and modifiers are added to the Menu Editor: 
      • New products/modifiers won't be visible to customers until they're added to a category in a menu
    • Price updates are applied automatically, but other updates (e.g. product name changes, description changes) are not updated automatically
  • Display & update the Sync statistics in the Settings page
How does it work?

Simples. Via your Store Settings within Mobi2Go Admin.

  1. To sync your menu in Mobi2Go log into your Mobi2Go store account
  2. From the Store Dashboard click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  3. On the Store Settings page locate the heading General settings
  4. Next to General settings, click EDIT
  5. On the General Settings page, under the Store Settings heading, scroll down 
  6. Under Tips is a button titled SYNC NOW
  7. Above the button are some Menu Sync stats including Last synced (how long ago a menu sync was done), Items created (last time, how many items were created) & Items updated (how many items were updated last time)
  8. Click SYNC NOW to synchronise your POS with Mobi2Go
  9. Depending on the last time since a Menu Sync, this may take some time 
  10. Once complete, the statistics will update & you can start to check your changes in Stock & on the storefront

Pro Tip

If the video is blurry when maximised, please click on the cog icon & then click on 720p or 1080p to change the resolution from Auto to 720p/1080p. Give it a few seconds & the video will clear up. 

Who is this available for?

One of our current development priorities is to ensure that every POS system we integrate with has Menu Sync-ability.

If your POS system is not listed in the Available list, please be patient because while it's not yet available, we are working on getting all integrations done because we understand how fantastic & valuable Menu Sync is. 

POS Availability


If you need a hand with Menu Sync, please reach out to our Support team who will be happy to assist.

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