Idealpos connection details

Idealpos is an Australian owned & developed complete point of sale system that is suitable for a range of different hospitality businesses including restaurants, quick service/fast food, cafes & bars. 

Mobi2Go integrates directly to your Idealpos POS system. That means, orders will be automatically sent to your POS, registered for reporting purposes & automatically print using your existing in-store POS printer.



POS dispatchers like Idealpos are setup at a Store level, not via a Head Office level. If you are at a Head Office level, please contact the Store location or feel free to contact our Support team for more information.


To ensure you have completed your Idealpos integration into Mobi2Go, check out these resources:

  • Set up Idealpos in Mobi2Go - get started with setting up your Idealpos integration with Mobi2Go
  • Import your Menu from Idealpos - once you have setup Idealpos in Mobi2Go¬†you can bring your menu across via an export from Ideapos into Mobi2Go
  • Idealpos connection details -¬†refer to the article below to find out what the required Idealpos connection details are

Required connection details

  1. Log into your Mobi2Go store account
  2. From the Store Dashboard click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  3. On the Settings page scroll down & locate Receiving orders
  4. Next to Receiving orders, click EDIT
  5. In Receiving Orders, under How do you want to receive orders? click on the drop-down menu & select Idealpos
  6. Click SAVE to submit changes or CANCEL to disregard any changes. 

There are no additional settings to configure for an Idealpos setup in Mobi2Go. Idealpos just needs to be selected in the store's Receiving Orders settings page. The Idealpos integration uses the Mobi2Go Web API to poll for new orders.

WebIT connection pre-requisites

Before a connection will work to your POS, you need to ensure the following items are actioned by installing the WebIT App for Idealpos. 

  • WebIT App¬†must be installed on the POS for online ordering
  • The API Key should be taken from the Mobi2Go¬†Store Settings page
  • Base URL should be (This is for WEBIT 3 which works with IdealPos Version 6 and uses the full address). The base URL for WEBIT 4 which connects to Idealpos Version 7 is¬†
  • StoreID should be taken from the Mobi2Go store overview page URL e.g.¬†<StoreID here>/overview¬†
  • Only 1 StoreID can be set in the WebIt App
  • Ensure the app has Retrieve Orders automatically enabled
  • If the orders are sending down but not printing or displaying on the POS, ensure the following Global Options are ticked on:

Pro Tip

If you need assistance with your IT/Idealpos contact, feel free to contact our Support team & we can work with them to get you up & running! 

Test your Connection

For any POS integration within Mobi2Go (including Idealpos) you have the ability to test the connection between POS & Mobi2Go. If you have received a store offline notification, this is a great place to start.

  1. To test the connection between Mobi2Go & Idealpos, go to Settings from the grey navigational pane
  2. In Settings, locate Receiving Orders
  3. Next to the Receiving Orders heading, click EDIT
  4. In Receiving Orders, scroll to the bottom of the page & click the CHECK CONNECTION button
  5. A result will be returned almost immediately if there's successful connection between the 2 systems. If the test is taking a long time, chances are it's trying to find a response on the other end but is not having any luck (and will eventually time out)
  6. Alternatively, you can send a test order through your online store & confirm if there are any issues.


If you need help troubleshooting POS connectivity issues, please contact our Support team.

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