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Our dedicated Support team at Mobi2Go is customer obsessed. We help our customers to build their brand & we make life easier by keeping it simple for your business & your customers.

Now, we're offering another level of Support for our clients to help you when you need us most. Premium Support gives you everything you need to keep on top of any issues, from priority support to helping to educate you via 1-on-1 training & webinars; from keeping you informed with reporting on how your online ordering is going to having a say on what our platform needs. 


What is Premium Support?

Premium Support provides our highest level of responsiveness & business support - complete & proactive care that you can rely on. Put your mind at ease, knowing that Premium Support for your brand enables a comprehensive set of resources & the fastest response time to service issues from our Support team, for any hiccup or query that may arise. 


🎫 Prioritised support ticketing status

We understand that waiting for support issues to be resolved can be a frustrating experience. As a Premium Support client, your support tickets will jump the line.

Once your ticket is lodged, you’ll be placed at the front of the queue. We’ll have our Support staff on stand-by to investigate & solve your tickets faster.

🍕 Help with menu maintenance and updates

Your ongoing menu maintenance will be taken care of by our Support team. We’ll add your new products, make pricing changes, or switch POS integrations.

The usual price of a one-off menu rebuild is $499 + GST. As a Premium Support client you’ll receive this feature, without the additional charge. We’ll liaise with your POS suppliers on your behalf to make sure we have the necessary information for your rebuilds. You'll just need to tell us what you need & we'll get it done. 


Fair play policy applies to the number of menu rebuilds we can complete. 

📊 Quarterly reporting for data-backed decision making

With Premium Support, you will receive a smorgasbord of numbers, graphs & information that’ll give you an overview of your quarterly performance. Your perfect tool for strategic decision making.

You’ll get useful information from your quarterly reports like top products sold, top customer locations, average spend & much more. This report will be sent once a quarter (every 3 months.)

🚂 One-to-one walkthroughs and training for your team

Book 1-to-1 training from an expert. Premium Support clients can request walkthroughs with one of our Support team members.

Get the most out of the Mobi2Go platform by taking training on any areas you feel unsure about. Training will be done inside your Admin portal & storefront, so it’s totally personal & catered to you.

🚨 Incident summary reports to keep you informed

Our aim is to provide an uninterrupted online ordering experience for you. Sometimes incidents occur which can cause downtime. Every effort is made to solve the issue & restore the platform. Along the way all clients are continuously updated via StatusPage notifications (you can sign up for these here) as well as on our Help Centre.

As a Premium Support client you’ll get one step better. You’ll be sent an Incident Postmortem. A summary of the incident, it’s impact to clients, resolution & the steps taken to mitigate issues moving forward. Peace of mind. 

📺 Skip the line for all webinars

Premium Support clients will have top priority access to webinars. Get the low down on new features — or just to get more out of the platform for your brand. 

Support articles are great, but sometimes you just want a person to explain things to you. We get it. Webinars allow you to improve & upskill in areas many businesses need help with.

Mobi2Go will announce the webinar topic ahead of time to allow interested Premium Support clients to sign up first & not miss out.

🚀 Influence the development of new features

As a Premium Support client you’ll have more opportunity to influence the Mobi2Go development roadmap.

We’ve decided to give our Premium Support clients the ability to have more say in the direction of the platform. This is your chance to think like a developer, without learning to code.

Lodged directly with our Support team, your suggestions are collated and given priority time with our Development team. 


How do I get Premium Support?

Contact our Support team & let us know that you're interested in Premium Support. 

  • Please let us know which feature you want to make the most of & even what you would like to see in Premium Support. 

How much is Premium Support?

The cost of Premium Support is $59 per month, per Head Office. 

For example: If you have a brand with multiple stores, Premium Support will cover these stores as it is per account/Head Office.  

What is the difference between Standard & Premium Support?

  Standard Support Premium Support
Support Resources
Shared support team Priority ticket handling
Menu Rebuilds
 $499 per instance
Quarterly Reports
1-on-1 Training
$50 per hour  ✔ 
Incident Reports 
✖  ✔ 
Standard Guaranteed place
Feature Request 

Who can get Premium Support?

Anyone! Whether you are a single store or a multi-store brand, you can get Premium Support. 

If you just want a standalone feature (e.g. Menu rebuild, 1-on-1 training) we can offer it at a fee otherwise, take up Premium Support for your brand to receive reduced fees with increased value. 

Pro Tip

If you are the manager, franchisee or operator of a store location & are unsure if your Head Office has Premium Support enabled, please contact your Company Administrator or contact our Support team & we'll assist with your interest in Premium Support.

Why do I need Premium Support?

Everyone loves being first & priority support alone is worth it. Add in the extras that we offer in Premium Support (and in future will expand on based on your feedback) like a reduced fee for menu rebuilds or 1-on-1 training + valuable add-ins like Quarterly Reports & Incident Reports.. it's almost a no-brainer to ensure that your brand receives the best that our Support team has to offer. 

When can I stop Premium Support?

Just like our monthly subscription for the Mobi2Go service, Premium Support is a month-to-month service that we are offering.

That means that if you use it for a few months & don't find it's adding value, then you can certainly opt out of Premium Support by letting our Support team know.  


We always welcome your feedback. Without it, we can't improve our service that we offer you. Feel free to provide feedback on anything, from Premium Support to the Mobi2Go platform - we're always listening so please contact our Support team.

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