Store Holiday Hours

With Easter fast approaching, our team has rolled out changes to the store holiday hours.

Previously in Mobi2Go, in order to set holiday hours in advance, you would be met with disappointment when you saw the below image & had to then manually change the Store Hours prior to the holiday & then set the hours back, after the holiday. 

And every upcoming holiday would lead you to react like this...

Thanks to our awesome team, you will be disappointed no more! Happy Easter. 🐇

Presenting.. the new & improved Holidays.

At a Store level, in Holidays we have replaced the usual button of somewhat helpful disappointment with a button of somewhat helpful ability to add store hour changes in advance. 


Please check out our updated Holiday Settings article, for more information on how-to configure this for your store(s). 

Notes to be aware of

  • When adding a new hours override, the default hours shown are not the existing opening hours the location already has for that day. This quality-of-life improvement will be coming later
  • Overrides here apply to all opening hours types: pickup, delivery, and eat-in
  • Hours overrides support spillover to the next day just like opening hours do; if a store wishes to stay open until 2am the night of a holiday, they may do so
  • Opening hours overrides for a given day do not affect hours spillover from the previous day. So in the example above, if the store were usually open until 2:00am the night of the 5th, the override in the screenshot above would not stop that from happening as usual. If a store wishes to close earlier the previous day, they need to add an additional override for that day as well
  • The storefront adjusts available time slots to match the hours override, but does not automatically give an indication that hours are different on a given day; it is up to the store to communicate their adjusted hours to customers as they see fit.


If you require assistance with setting up holiday hours in advance, please feel free to contact our Support team.

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