How to add Table ordering

You can get in touch with us and we'll add Table Ordering to your Mobi2Go account. 

How Table ordering works 

Customers are given a URL or QR code to use on their phone that takes them to a special table ordering version of your storefront.

They can order from your Mobi2Go menu and pay from their table. They’ll let you know what table they’re at by typing in their table number — so there’s no confusion.

We’ll provide you with the URL and QR for each location, for you to use however you want. 

Here are the main requirements 

You’ll need to be using Mobi2Go Payments. You can find out more about the benefits and rates on our website. You can create the account yourself, it takes about ten minutes to get set up (set up a Mobi2Go Payments account).  

You can add Table ordering for no additional cost to your plan.

To be clear, as you do more volume through the platform any transactional-based costs will increase — as we'll be processing more orders for you. 

Get in touch with the team and we'll activate this feature

We support table ordering on all leading POS providers as well as Orders for Windows and the Mobi2Go printer. 

To add table ordering, submit a support ticket and we'll get you started.

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