Getting online with Orders for Windows

If we don’t integrate with your POS, don’t worry, we can still get you online and taking orders.

We made Orders for Windows so you can receive online orders using your Windows computer or laptop (XP onwards). Connect to any standard receipt printer and print your orders without a POS system or other special hardware.


Get up and running

  1. Download the latest version

    Latest version: 1.6.10

    Download for Windows

    Download for Windows XP 

  2. Open the MOBI Installer and click Install
  3. Once it’s installed click Finish, the Login page will pop up automatically
  4. Finish up by logging in with your registered email address and password or your API key (found on your account page).


Other ways of receiving orders

MOBI also allows you to receive orders to supported POS systems or to print them from our all-in-one MOBI Printer.



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